Town and Country combine for Hartington visit

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Students from Hartington C of E Primary School have welcomed youngsters from a school in Sheffield for a day of cultural activities and fun.

Lowfield Primary School youngsters visited Hartington on Friday 3 July to meet local children and residents as part of school studies into city and countryside cultures and differences.

Pupils firstly enjoyed taking on the Hartington Village Trail to discover more about buildings and areas of interest including St Giles Church, the Market Place, Charles Cotton Hotel and the Duck Pond.

They then paid a visit to St Giles Church where they completed a quiz on the building’s features and learnt more about what they are used for, including the chancel, pews and altar. The children also found out why the church faces East – it is so when the sun rises, the sunlight hits the stained glass windows and shines down onto the altar!

Youngsters also enjoyed their lunch alongside local residents at the popular Community Lunch event back at school – this was followed by a game of bingo between young and old.

Hartington Head Teacher, Tracy Blackwell said: “Staff and children here in Hartington were very excited to welcome young people from a much larger school in the city, to learn more about their cultures, beliefs and where they live, play and go to school.”

“The children all got on so well and it was fantastic to see them working together to answer questions and develop their learning. We are very much looking forward to our visit to Lowfield Primary School in the next term to learn more about the school and surrounding area to see how it differs to our community.”

Lowfield School Council Co-ordinator and Year 3 Teacher, Richard Green commented: “The visit to Hartington was a special day for our pupils as it gave them direct experience of education within a rural community. On their return, the children were keen to share their experience with their family and friends at home and in school.”

“We are grateful for the staff at Hartington for their warmth and thoughtfulness. Lowfield Primary looks forward to hosting a reciprocal visit in the autumn term. I genuinely feel that this type of exchange scheme adds a lot to the wider understanding of other communities for both sets of pupils and staff.”

Hartington resident, Margaret Partridge added: “It was lovely to see the children getting on so well together. This type of lesson should happen all the time.”  




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