The ultimate questions children should be encouraged to answer are;

Who am I? 

Where do I fit in? 

Why am I here? 

Values for Life Reflection Journals (Imaginor) are incredibly useful and child –friendly and link directly to the Values For Life Collective worship resources. The pupils complete these after a term focusing on a Value for life.

They use the images of a candle, mirror, window and door to encourage children to reflect in different ways.

The candle – indicates a time to reflect and thinking spiritually.

The window – encourages a ‘looking out’ and considering a ‘wow’ moment.

The mirror – is about ‘looking in’ and self-improvement or reflection.


The door – is about moving onward with a practical action for the future.

SMSC-Spiritual,Moral,Social & Cultural Policy-Feb 2022

A Toolkit for Primary Schools to promote the development of spirituality




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