We are Hartington Primary

Welcome to Hartington Church of England Primary School. Thank you for visiting our website which is constantly being up-dated to keep you informed of current events.

Our Motto is ‘Education at the Heart of the Community’, in which we fully believe, with our children taking part and leading many social events both in school and the community, whilst working hand in hand with our key partners, which include the Diocese, National Park Ranger Service, Music Partnership and Youth Sports Trust.

Our school is located in the rural village of Hartington in the Peak District National Park, Derbyshire and we have achieved ‘Ambassador School’ status. We also have links to the local secondary schools to support and promote a smooth transition between key stage 2 and key stage 3. At the end of Key Stage 2 our parents make an informed choice as to which secondary school their child/children will attend in which the school will support if a request is made.

Our mission

Here at Hartington School we regard each child as unique, with individual needs. We are committed to providing each child with the highest standard of care, guidance and support through our Christian values of friendship, compassion, endurance, service, love and respect. We aim to help children develop a sense of self-worth and confidence, taking increasing responsibility for their own learning whilst striving to become more resilient.

“Caring & sharing as part of God’s family”
Providing a school community where we strive to achieve our full potential in a safe, nurturing environment with Christian values at our heart.
“Loving our neighbour as we love ourselves” – Luke 10:27

Our Values

Friendship, Compassion, Service, Generosity, Trust and Respect.

The whole school community striving to follow the lesson Jesus taught us through the story of the Good Samaritan.

Through our Christian Values we aim:
  • To show friendship towards others.
  • To demonstrate love, respect and understanding for God’s world.
  • To be at the heart of our village community.
  • To nurture children’s understanding of the diversity within our community and the world.
  • To become outstanding citizens who put others before ourselves.


Hartington C of E Primary School encourages everyone to excel by:
  • Creating a school filled with mutual trust and respect between children and staff  where they can grow up knowing they will be protected and  nurtured within this safe and caring environment where pupil voice, individuality and positive mental health and wellbeing  continue to be woven throughout the ever changing family within our school.

  • Striving for the highest possible standards of achievement and behaviour in a safe, stimulating environment, where the Christian and British Values are embedded within the school’s daily life.

  • Valuing independence, developing a deeper level of learning and providing a thought provoking curriculum which supports our children in becoming participating citizens of the future.

  • Striving to be a Centre for truly excellent teaching, where experienced  leadership is extended to professionals in other schools and where the staff are committed to their own learning journey and the sharing of quality practice.




Christian Distinctiveness

What is Christian Distinctiveness?
Long before the government became involved in providing education for everyone in our country, the Church of England had a vision that it wanted every parish to have a school for the education of poor children.
By 1900, there were 5,700 state-funded schools and 14,000 schools funded by the Church of England.

Today, approximately a quarter of all primary schools have a Church of England foundation, through which they strive to provide the highest standard of education possible, in partnership with the state.
From the earliest days, the purpose of Church schools was to enable children to flourish by providing a basic education and by developing their moral character.

It was always intended that Church schools should be open to all of the children of the parish. The schools are not ‘faith schools’ in the sense of presuming that children are practising Christians or attempting to make converts of them.

However, the ethos of the schools is based on distinctively Christian values and they will offer children an experience of faith through collective worship and links with the parish church.
Religious Education in Church schools will always include teaching about other faiths and they will usually follow the same syllabus for RE as non-Church schools.

Around our school, there are signs and symbols which reflect the Christian heritage on which the school is built. There are also areas for reflection which contain school prayers and prayers that the children have created themselves. Additionally, there is a much greater emphasis on links with the local parish church than would usually be the case in a non-Church school.

Although our school is unique, all church schools will share core values based on the Gospel values. Church schools are therefore places where loving God and loving our neighbours, is lived out in the daily life of the school. 

The Church of England’s vision for education (2016) is deeply Christian, with Jesus’ promise of ‘life in all its fullness’ at its heart. In line with the Church of England’s role as the established Church, their vision is for the common good of the whole community.

However, none of the above should be taken as indicators that Christian beliefs are being enforced. They are ways in which Church schools encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promote Christian values through the experience that they offer all pupils. Through our distinctively Christian ethos, we also encourage our pupils to be spiritual.

What is Spirituality?