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For our school governing body to be truly effective I believe in utilising and combining each person’s strengths and talents. This makes us a strong and effective team.  All our governors have varied abilities, be that their business acumen; past teaching experience, safeguarding awareness, special needs training, sporting prowess, environmental knowledge or their Christian commitment.  Together we work.  This is of enormous benefit to the school, its staff and our children, plus of course their time is freely given as is their committed support.  I am most thankful for each one of them and all they do and fully expect us all to get better still. –                                     

Foundation Governor – Liz Broomhead MBE  

The main function of governors is to see that the school is being effectively managed and you are invited to contact them on any matter concerning the life of the school.

The governors meet at least once each term.

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Governor Calendar 20/21
Governor Calendar 19/20
Governors Calendar 18/19
Governors Calendar 17/18
Governors Calendar  16/17
Name                                                Governor Type                    Start Date                      End Date                           Committee Voting Rights Declaration of  Interest
Miss Alison Ivins Chair of Governors & Parent 13-June 19 13-June 23 Finance, HR Safeguarding & Curriculum Full Governors & Committees None
Mrs E Broomhead


Foundation/ Derby Diocese

Resigned ?June 2022

30- APR- 2020 30-Apr-2024 Curriculum, Assessment & H&S


Full Governors & Committees None
Mrs T Blackwell Headteacher 01-Sep-13  On going Curriculum, Assessment &  H&S, Safeguarding and HR, Finance & Premises Full Governors & Committees None
Mrs J Flower Staff  – Temp Clerk to Gov 14-Jul-21 14-Jul-25 Safeguarding,  HR & Finance Full Governors &  Committees None
Mrs S Bruce Local Authority

Resigned March 2021

23 – Jan 2020 23 -Jan 2024 Curriculum, Assessment & H&S Full Governors & Committees None
Mrs C Clayton Co-opted  Resigned May 2020 29-Nov-18 28-Nov-22 Curriculum, Assessment & H&S Full Governors & Committees None
Mrs K Webley Parent 20 – Apr – 21 20 -Apr – 25 Safeguarding & HR Full Governors & Committees None
Mr John Dean Foundation 19-Sep-19 19-Sep-23 Finance & HR Full Governors & Committees None
Mr Tim Polkinghorne Co-Opted, Vice-Chair 23-Jan 2020 23-Jan 2024 Finance & HR Full Governors & Committees None
Mr John Marriott Co-Opted Resigned July 2020 23 Jan 2020 23 – Jan 2024 Full Governors & Committees None
Mrs Dorothy Hawton Co-Opted 16 Sept 2020 16 Sept 2024 Finance & Curriculum Full Governors & Committees None
Ms Gillian Dennis Associate 21 Oct 2020 21 Oct  2024
Judith Flower Temp Clerk to Governors Post vacant
Local Authority Gov Post Vacant

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Governor Categories

Parent Governor – Elected by parents of children on roll at school

Staff Governor – Elected by staff at the school

Local Authority Governor – Nominated by the Local Authority but appointed by the Governing Body

Associate Governor – Appointed by the Governing Body

Foundation Governor – Appointed by virtue of the office they hold e.g. the Church

Co-opted – Appointed by the Governing Body

Full Governing Body meetings – Attendance record

Voting Rights 22-6-22 4-5-22 16-3-22 2-2-22 1-12-21 10-11-21 20-10-21 18-11-21 14-7-21 27-5-21 17-3-21 3-3-21 27-1-20
Mrs Tracy Blackwell Full Governors & Committees Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mrs Elizabeth Broomhead Full Governors & Committees No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No N/A Yes
Mrs Judith Flower Full Governors & Committees. Temp Clerk to Governors Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mr John Dean Full Governors & Committees Yes Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mrs K Webley Full Governors & Committees No Yes No Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Miss Alison Ivins Full Governors & Committees,   Chair Yes No No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mr Tim Polkinghorne Full Governors & Committees, Vice Chair Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Mrs Dorothy Hawton Full Governors & Committees Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes N/A Yes
Ms Gillian Dennis Associate Governor Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes N/A No
Position Vacant  Clerk to Governors
Position Vacant Local Authority Governor

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Governor Meeting Attendance Record 1st September 2020 to 31st August 2021

Governor Meeting Attendance Record 1st September 2019 to 31st August 2020
Governor Meeting Attendance Record 1st September 2018 to 31st August 2019
Governor Meeting Attendance Record 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018
Governor Meeting Attendance Record 1st September 2016 to 31st August 2017
Governor Meeting Attendance Record 1st September 2015 to 31st August 2016

Any correspondence may be addressed to the Governors care of Hartington C of E Primary School or an email sent to

 If you wish to speak with a Governor please contact the school on 01298 84254.

Miss Alison Ivins – Chair & Parent Governor

Liz Broomhead MBE –  FoundationLix

Favourite subject at school: Physical Education

Having been a PE teacher for over 25 years as well as coaching netball I love being and working with young people. I had such a positive and enjoyable time at school as a child- firstly at this school, Hartington C of E Primary and then at Cavendish Grammar School, Buxton. I especially enjoyed the experience of team work in sport, drama and music, including the importance of loyalty and commitment and the pleasure of working together with a common aim. I really want children at this school to have the same type of opportunities and experiences that I was fortunate to have.

Over the past few years the governors have built on these principles which are demonstrated by the positive use and impact of the School Sport and PE Premium Funding partnership with Biggin School to form BIGGHARTS; community lunches, Gardening Club, links with the history group in particular WWI and George Fredrick Birch memories and letters. The positive and productive relationship of the Governing Body with staff and pupils ensures that the monitoring of progress is achieved. Going forward we want to support the staff in maintaining and developing the quality of teaching and assessment and strive for an Ofsted Report- outstanding! 

Tracy Blackwell – Head Teacher


Favourite subjects at school: PE, Art and Literacy.

As well as having the privilege of being Head Teacher here at Hartington C of E Primary and enjoying the honour of working alongside the youngsters here on a daily basis; teaching and nurturing them; watching them grow and develop, I am also incredibly pleased to work alongside the dedicated governor team to ensure the right decisions are made for the good of both pupils and staff alike. It is really lovely to be in a position to lead the school and work so closely with passionate members of our local community including partners, staff and residents.

This school has always had a strong Christian ethos, which is reflected in the vision of being at the heart of the community and working in partnership to provide the best quality holistic education for every child.

Judith Flower – Staff Governor & Temp Clerk

JudeFavourite subject at school: Wood work and metal work.

My father went to school here and always has fond memories of his days at Hartington C of E Primary School and that’s why I brought my children here too.

Whilst working in the school I have met some wonderful people who believed in me and have given me the courage to extend my learning. I have gained my Level 2 and 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools certificates, and also qualifications in ICT. I am very pleased to sit on the Governor panel and support the running of this unique family school. I hope to ensure that it remains a wonderful, Christian schooling environment for generations to come.

K Webley – Parent Governor 

Throughout my adult life I have lived in very varied communities and my work as a nurse has enabled me to meet and help people from all walks of life, with numerous life challenges. I am committed to helping people reach their best in life, and be the happiest that they can be. As a school governor I would also like to be able to help young people in my local community achieve this.

As well as my ability to connect with different groups, through my work I have gained numerous other qualities. Skills in communication, research and audit are those which I feel may be particularly helpful to the role of governor. 

Hartington Primary School has an important role to play in shaping the lives of local children, it is my aim that each child who attends the school has enriching and fulfilling experiences which equip them to thrive in the real world.

John Dean – Foundation John Dean2

I find helping with reading and literacy rewarding, particularly encouraging the children to speak clearly with expression as though they are on TV or the stage. I believe the children also enjoy it which makes it worthwhile.

I am a volunteer at the Ashbourne branch of the British Heart Foundation, a charity for which I have helped to raise money for more than 30 years.

Mr Tim Polkinghorne – Co-Opted Governor

I decided to join Hartington School as a co opted governor to offer support for the school staff and fellow governors. The mountain of policies, systems and procedures that exist for much larger schools also has to be addressed in this village school.
The staff remain passionate about individual pupil progress and it feels good to offer time and support to such dedicated committed members of teaching staff and governors in a village school

Thank you for all your efforts – much appreciated by many parents.

Mrs Dorothy Hawton – Co-Opted Governor


Having recently retired from teaching, I decided that I would like to continue my interest in education by listening to the children read in Hartington School. I was impressed by their enthusiasm and the way they support and encourage each other in their learning.  I very much hope that I can make a further contribution to this thriving community in my role as a governor.

Speaking as a member of St Giles’ congregation, we would like to strengthen the links with the school and find creative ways to work with the children. I have enjoyed the services where the children have demonstrated their great talent and realise that there will be mutual benefits from such a partnership.

Finally, as we live in such a beautiful part of the country, I look forward to helping with any activities which encourage the children to appreciate and care for their environment. This is so important for the development of thoughtful, responsible young people we need for the future.


Ms Gillian Dennis – Associate Governor

I have been teaching for over twenty years, initially in primary, but then in secondary education.  During this time, I have also taught English GCSE to adults as an Adult Education Tutor for Derbyshire County Council, finally concentrating on just this aspect of teaching.  This has been very rewarding as I have supported adults of all ages back into learning and encouraged them to overcome their barriers to learning, often from bad experiences at school as a child.  This has made me very aware of the real necessity of a positive, caring atmosphere for children at school and the importance of links with the church.  Although I only moved to Hartington a few years ago, I am pleased to now be able to have the opportunity to support the school as a governor.  I am interested in the environment and concerned at the cost of negative human impact on our world.  I spend much of my time outdoors with my dogs.

Clerk to Governors – Situation Vacant

Temporary Clerk to Governors – Mrs Judith Flower

LA Governor – Vacancy -please contact school


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Governors Diary

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