RELIGIOUS EDUCATION is taught in accordance with the Derbyshire LA agreed syllabus and Hartington is a Church of England school. This means that the school has a strong Christian ethos with the vision statement being at its heart, which is also reflected in the teaching of religious education. Children learn about Christianity and Judaism in KS1 while Christianity, Sikhism and Islam is taught in KS2. RE encourages the children and staff to think about what they them selves and  others believe but ultimately respecting the views and opinions of everyone.

Our Christian values are:

Friendship, Compassion, Service, Generosity, Trust and Respect.

This term the children in Key stage 1 have had the opportunity to think about how we celebrate different times. We compared the Christian celebrations of Easter and Christmas and thought about some of the aspects of each and whether we thought Christmas or Easter was more important. These ideas were linked to both the arrival of God on Earth in human form as the baby Jesus, and the sacrifice that Jesus made for the people.

The children then began to think about the Jewish religion and some of the celebrations and festivals. Hanukkah was a favourite celebration to focus on as the children particularly enjoyed playing dreidel, and have requested that we play this again with gelt (chocolate coins or buttons)!

We also focused on Sukkot, the Jewish Harvest festival and the children called upon their own experiences of the Christian harvest festival to make direct comparisons.

Some super work from all the children.




Tues 2nd – MAST Hannah Wills am
Weds 3rd – NSPCC “Speak out, Stay Safe”
Thurs 11th – Final Church Service
Thurs 11th – Community Lunch 12.15pm in School
Mon 15th – Lea Green Trip -Whole School
Thurs 18th – Leaver’s Assembly
Fri 19th – Cadbury’s World – Whole School
Mon 22nd – INSET
Tues 23rd – INSET