Smoking Prevention Talk

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Friday 31st March, as part of the Healthy School Community Award Karen Mycock, one of the Healthy School Practitioners came into school to talk to the Year 5 and 6 children about smoking and its effects. This is part of a programme to help educate children in the dangers to health, smoking can cause. The children found the talk very informative and were astounded to learn how many harmful chemicals are used in the making of cigarettes. They also learned the long and short term effects of smoking. Karen used a power-point, games, quiz and a persuasive game to raise awareness of  the affects of smoking.

Josh: Said he would advise people not to smoke because there are 4000 different, harmful chemicals in one  cigarette: Toilet cleaning fluid, rocket fuel, nicotine, tar and much more. So it is horrible!

Ellie: Said she would strongly advise people to quit smoking as soon as possible because it can cause long term conditions such as cancer, dry, wrinkly skin, yellow stained teeth and it can cause a stroke. If it is possible try to help other people to stop smoking.




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