Concert at Pilsley School: 29th November 2016

Jacob wrote:
Finally the day came, to visit Pilsley Primary School, to perform in a concert with three other schools: The three other schools were Pilsley, Curbar, and Taddington. We took the whole school because we are so small, 16 in total. The other schools only had year 4,5 and 6 taking part.
At 9:15 we started rehearsing the five songs: The Greeting Song, Winter Coat, African Crib Carol, Mary Mack and Winter Wonderland. The atmosphere was quiet because there weren’t many people in the audience only our teachers. The musical conductor, who was very experienced in singing, was called Debbie. She was very kind.
We had a break and set up for the proper performance! After the greeting song, which was very fun to sing, we sang ‘Tongo’ on our own. It was very nerve racking singing on our own. The performance lasted for about one hour.
Sadly it was all over and time to go. We jumped into the staff cars and we headed back to school for lunch. Unfortunately Mrs Teeboon took a wrong turning and we had to do a five point turn on a narrow lane. Eventually we made it back just in time for a lovely lunch.

Ruby wrote:
Finally, the sun rose and shone bright on a November morning. We had practiced for several weeks on a Tuesday and were fired up ready to sing at Pilsley School (near Chatsworth). After forty five minutes in the cars we eventually arrived at Pilsley Primary School but were shocked to find we were the first school that was ready and early!

The three other schools, who were Taddington, Curbar and Pilsley, who settled down into their places when they arrived.  Our super, experienced music teacher called Debbie, asked us to practice them before the concert. She gave us some tips for the big performance. Everyone had a fifteen minute break before going back inside. Lucky, we managed to finish the concert with out making a mistake!

The songs we sang together were the Greeting song, African crib carol, Winter coat, Mary-mack and finally Winter wonderland. Every school sang their own individual song. My favorite song was winter coat. After we’d finished our concert we thanked every one and headed back for school and a delicious lunch.

Josh wrote:
Finally we were on our way to Pisley School and it took us a good 45 minutes to get to our destination. We got out of our car and went into Pisley’s School Hall and at 9:30AM we started practicing our songs.
After break we all went back into the hall and the concert began. Pisley, Hartington, Taddington and Curbar were all ready to sing. First  we sang the Greeting Song then Tongo, African Crib Carol, Winter Coat, Mary Mack and finally Winter Wonderland and then the concert came to an end.
We all shouted THANK YOU! We all had shattered voices and couldn’t wait to go back to school and have our scrumptious dinner. I really enjoyed it because I didn’t get anything wrong and it was super fun to sing with different children. The audience really enjoyed it because they clapped on every song and that made me feel very proud. My favorite song was Mary Mack because it had a very fast beat and I like those sort of songs.

Ellie wrote:
After three weeks of practicing it was finally the day, we were on our way to Pilsley. We were the first to arrive then Curbar, Taddington and Pilsley. I was nervous at first then I got my confidence and wasn’t scared of singing or forgetting the words.
We practiced all the songs and then had a break. At 11:00 we all came in to start the concert, all the chatter died and we began singing. The songs we sung were the Greeting song, Tongo (which we sang), African Crib Carol, Silver Birch (Curbar’s song), Mary Mack, Starry night (Taddington’s song) and finally Winter Wonderland.
Sadly the concert ended and everyone was very pleased with our amazing singing.
We went back to school to have lunch which was scrumptious. I was tired and didn’t want to do PE. I felt so good after singing because I didn’t forget the words and I heard other people singing to help me.

Sam wrote:
On Tuesday the 29th of November at 9:30am we finally arrived at Pilsley School to sing the concert. We were the first people to arrive. I sat next to a boy called Acer and after talking we made friends. The schools that were there were called Taddington, Curbar, Hartington, and the hosts Pilsley.

Finally, all the schools arrived and we all warmed our voices up. Our fantastic, experienced musical teacher named Debbie quickly went through all the songs and we luckily, did not make a mistake.

Then after we had finished our practice we went out to break and I played football for 10-15 minutes and came in tensely ready to perform.

The performance which went really well lasted approximately 30 minutes and I only made one mistake but nobody heard me because of the noise. When we had finished all the songs we thanked everyone who helped us with learning the songs. Then we went back to school for our lunch that was absolutely scrumptious.

The children were a credit to the school. They had three sessions to learn some very complicated songs with Debbie. They performed fantastically, it was just  a pity parents weren’t allowed to witness the performance. This was another fantastic initiative through Music Partnership and gave the children chance to perform with other children.                       Mrs Flower





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