Relaunch of the Village Trail 2023

The School continues to represent the National Park Ranger service and remains an Ambassador School which is now integral to the School’s heritage. During the previous decades, the children within the School were instrumental in helping to create the Hartington Village trail which both the Residents and Visitors of the Village have taken part in and enjoyed. This year, the current children in the School have worked hard to update the content of the trail which has included additional suggestions for its future development and ensuring its sustainability. The work has involved a partnership with not only the National Park Rangers and local community, but also other valued stakeholders. A presentation by the children was made at the Village Hall to invited guests where they also enjoyed taking part in a range of pre-prepared activities by the formed partnership. This event was hugely successful and was used as a vehicle to identify how funding made has made a positive impact for the community, local businesses and the School.



Thur 2nd – Lego Club
Tues 7th – Y5/6 County Lines Talk
Wed 8th – MAST – Hannah Wills 9.15am
Wed 8th – Craft Club
Mon 13th – Thu 16th KS2 SATS
Mon 13th – Cookery Club
Tues 14th – Craft Club
Thu 16th – Lego Club
Mon 20th – Peak Wildlife Trip
Fri 24th – Break for Half Term
Mon 3rd – INSET Day
Tues 4th – Tempest Group Photos
Thu 13th – All Schools Together
Tue 18th – National Park Ranger Day – Whittle Farm day trip
Wed 19th – MAST Hannah Wills am
Mon 24th – INSET Day
Tues 2nd – MAST Hannah Wills am
Fri 19th – Lea Green Trip -Whole School