Peer Buddy Training

On Tuesday 21st February 2017 two Healthy Child Assistant Practitioners,  Dawn Monk and Karen Mycock came to our school to deliver “Peer Buddy Training” as part of the Healthy School Community Award. This is an initiative set up by the Public Health DCHS (NHS).

The children took part in various fun activities to help them understand the importance of kindness, co-operation and respect.

Winola said: I enjoyed the day. I learnt through a game where I was not able to see that you can rely on other people to help you with instructions and listening if you work together and trust each other. I also learned how to make up new games.

Evie Said : I learnt to play ‘Wink Murder’, a game which was really fun. It taught me how rules and taking turns are important and that if we follow them everyone will get on and no one gets upset or feels left out. I really enjoyed the whole day!


 Sam said: I was slightly nervous about the day but after the first activity I relaxed and started to enjoy it. I found out what a ‘Peer Buddy’ does. We made a Peer Buddy in the shape of a teddy bear and we wrote inside all the qualities of a Buddy, like being respectful, considerate, reassuring and how to sort out disagreements.

This is one of our Peer Buddy Bears with all the qualities needed to be a successful Peer Buddy.




Wed 7th – MAST Hannah Wills ~ Moses
Mon 12th – Lent Afternoon in Church
Tues 13th – Pancake Day Lunch
Fri 16th – Break for Half Term
Mon 26th – Spring Term 2 begins

Fri 1st – MAST ~ “Jesus Calms the Storm”
Tues 12th – MAST Hannah Wills ~Easter
Thu 28th – Break for Easter

Mon 15th – Summer Term 1 begins