PE & Schools Sports Conference

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Friday 17th March Upper Key Stage 2 pupils attended a PE and School Sport Conference at Anthony Gell School, Wirksworth. This was training to help the pupils become PE/School Sports Organiser Crews (SSOC).

Having achieved the School Games Mark Silver Award in 2015/16 the school is now working towards the Gold Award.

The morning covered all aspects of becoming a successful crew including leadership, media, management and inclusivity. The morning began with a power point presentation by Janice Price. This highlighted the need for young children to engage in a more active and healthy life.

  • 91% of 2-4 year olds don’t meet the minimum daily physical activity guidelines.

  • 82% of 5-15 year olds don’t meet the minimum daily physical activity guidelines.

  • 89% of 15 year olds don’t meet the minimum daily physical activity guidelines.

The children then had a game of Boccia followed by an influencing workshop where they discussed how they could influence children to participate in healthy activities, they also designed a poster to encourage children to exercise.

During the break the pupils had lots of healthy fruit donated by Anthony Gell’s catering service and the Co-Op store. Also they got to taste different flavored juices with  Zero sugar. It was interesting to see their reactions once they found out what flavor the juice was!

Then they learned how to plan a report using IT skills and remembering to include the 5 W’s and a H – How, Why, Where, Who, What, When. Read the pupils reports to see how the IT teacher has got them to remember the 5 W’s!
This was followed by all the children participating in an exercise session.
Please click on the pupils name to read their report of the day:

Jacob’ account

Josh’s account

Elle’s account

Ruby’s account

Sam’s account




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