No such thing as ‘Bah, humbug’ in Hartington

Hartington Nativity 2014

Hartington C of E Primary School has been given a welcome boost this Christmastime after a raffle at the Nativity Play and Pea and Pie Supper raised more than £900 to go towards enhancing the school curriculum.

More than 80 people filled out St Giles’ Church on Thursday 11th December for the School’s annual Nativity Play. Students linked the show to the Christmas Day Truce of the Great War, and said Happy Christmas to the audience in each of the languages of the countries which took part in World War One.

Following the show, a Pea and Pie Supper took place at the School, organised by the Parent Teacher and Friends Association, which more than 80 people attended.

Vice Chairman of the School’s Governors, Liz Broomhead said: “It was wonderful to see so many people come together to enjoy the festivities. We are absolutely delighted that both the Nativity Play and Pea and Pie Supper were so well attended and the events have raised so much money for the school. This money will go towards enhancing the students’ learning and curriculum and it is very much appreciated. It’s lovely to see and feel the sense of community spirit in the village with everyone being so generous. We’d like to thank everyone who contributed and donated.”




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