Maddie writes: On the 17th October 2015 I went to London and stayed at the Hilton Hotel, to begin my life changing trip to Orlando, Florida. I felt a little bit nervous, because it was an 8 hour flight and I hadn’t flown before. I went with an organisation called “Dream Flights” and lots of other children.
We all arrived in Florida to sweltering heat and coaches waiting to whisk us off to our hotel. I had an amazing ten days and went on some breath-taking rides like the Spiderman Simulator. It made me feel a bit sick, but I loved it to the point where I wanted to go on it again and again. I also went on the Simpsons ride, twice, which I also really enjoyed.
I ate a humongous burger with chips, in four mouthfuls! We also ate hotdogs and some brain freezing ice-cream which was refreshing in the boiling heat.
We travelled to Sea-World where I got to swim with trick filled dolphins. I even fed and kissed one! Every night we had different themed parties with all the other groups and our carers. My group was coincidently called ‘The Dolphins’. We had lots of T-shirts and hoodies with dolphins on the front and wonderful gifts to bring home.
When I got home my family and friends were all eager to hear about my fabulous trip to Orlando. I have a thousand photographs to remember and treasure every stage of my trip.



Orlando – Florida



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