Niamh and Josh hold guinea pigs at the city farm

Josh writes:

On the 17:11:15 we went to Lowfield Primary School and we visited a city farm. We looked at lots of different animals. First we looked at some pigs and there was a female pig called Ethel and she had lots of other friends. They were a rare breed of pig called a Large Blacks. Next we went to the sheep, cows, and a horse called Blaze. The sheep were a breed called Soays and Southdown. Then we went to see some more goats and sheep, there was Billy goat but he didn’t have a name.

George commented: “It was surprising that how many animals there were.”

Then my group went to look at the small animals and I held a Guinea Pig called Mona-Lisa. After that we went to wash our hands to make sure we hadn’t picked up any diseases from the animals. Then we went to the gift shop and I bought an art pack and book.

City farm visit by Josh



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