Jacob writes: On the 18th December we had Community Lunch at school, but that day it wasn’t a normal day … It was the last day of term and it was the day of our Christmas Dinner. Parents, people from the local community and governors came too and we had a huge and tasty meal which was scrumptious. I had turkey with roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, cabbage, carrots and peas. After the meal was finished we talked for five minutes telling jokes and then Mrs. Blackwell announced “We are now going to play Bingo.” There were five winners and one of them was me, but I won by default, because I missed number nine and number fifty six, so someone else won when it should have been me! But I chose fruit pastels as my prize and was pleased I won anyway.

Later on we had a Christmas Party and it was excellent. We played Stations, Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs. Each layer of the pass the parcel had a chocolate lollipop, a forfeit or a puzzle. Then Santa came into the hall quietly and everyone was excited. We hot seated Santa with questions such as, ‘How cold is it in Lapland?’ Santa answered well, and surprisingly George was an elf and helped give out the presents. I really enjoyed our last day of term as it helped us to finish school happy and ready for Christmas which was only a week away!


Christmas Dinner and Party



Wed 7th – MAST Hannah Wills ~ Moses
Mon 12th – Lent Afternoon in Church
Tues 13th – Pancake Day Lunch
Fri 16th – Break for Half Term
Mon 26th – Spring Term 2 begins

Fri 1st – MAST ~ “Jesus Calms the Storm”
Tues 12th – MAST Hannah Wills ~Easter
Thu 28th – Break for Easter

Mon 15th – Summer Term 1 begins