Ruby Debes wrote: We celebrated the 150th anniversary on the 9th of July 2016. The 12th Duke of Devonshire was invited to come and he did.

The thing I enjoyed the most was the family tree which we all enjoyed making. I painted the bright blue boxes for the numbers 2016 or 1866. I loved making and thought the painting looked outstanding on the sunny warm carpet floor. The tree was quite big. We did little sketches for different groups around the village. Some of them were, badminton, British legion, Scouts, HYPAC, Bell ringing and lots of others. The family tree has been put up outside the school, it has been transferred on to a metal board. The trees leaves have all surnames of the people who have come to this school. There was a sculpture of the 7th Duke of Devonshire, a little boy and a horse. It had been carved from limestone, we also put a time capsule in the ground. There was a slab of stone placed on top.
The thing I enjoyed the most was the singing and the party afterwards. The singing was in the Village Hall. We warmed our voices up back stage While the Duke of Devonshire had a pleasant cup of tea. Our first song was called ‘Koonacarmoo’ which means let’s celebrate. My favourite song was ‘Tongo’ because we carried on the last sound as the other group did a very clear echo. Some of the other songs were ‘My paddle keen and bright’ and ‘Land of the silver birch’. One of the songs we sang with the parents was was called “When the saints go marching in” and “Swing low”.
The party after was brilliant. It had lots of different scummy food like mini sausages, sausage rolls, egg, cheese and ham sandwiches and plain crisps. There was ice cream and party rings for a delicious pudding. After the food we had an excellent game of bingo followed by astonishing pass the parcel which went on forever. I won the parcel it was an insect home.

I think it is important to commemorate our history occasion because it was the 7th Duke of Devonshire who commissioned this amazing school to be built.

Celebrating 150 years



Wed 7th – MAST Hannah Wills ~ Moses
Mon 12th – Lent Afternoon in Church
Tues 13th – Pancake Day Lunch
Fri 16th – Break for Half Term
Mon 26th – Spring Term 2 begins

Fri 1st – MAST ~ “Jesus Calms the Storm”
Tues 12th – MAST Hannah Wills ~Easter
Thu 28th – Break for Easter

Mon 15th – Summer Term 1 begins