George writes: On Tuesday 19th January Josh, Sam, Ellie, Ruby, Jacob and I went to Q.E.Gs to take part in a Basketball tournament. On the way Ms Gardener gave us sweets although she shouldn’t have! I think we did really well because we played as a team and only lost one match against to Park Side; we got absolutely thrashed. We won all our games with the scores of 18, 20, 22, and 24 because we all passed and moved into space. We got lots of baskets, I got around 10, Josh got the same and Sam got fourteen. The skills you need to be good at basketball are passing, shooting, dribbling and team work. During the three of the five matches the other teams were scratching, slapping and pushing all of us, it was really annoying because the refs didn’t pull up on it!


Basketball Tournament



Wed 7th – MAST Hannah Wills ~ Moses
Mon 12th – Lent Afternoon in Church
Tues 13th – Pancake Day Lunch
Fri 16th – Break for Half Term
Mon 26th – Spring Term 2 begins

Fri 1st – MAST ~ “Jesus Calms the Storm”
Tues 12th – MAST Hannah Wills ~Easter
Thu 28th – Break for Easter

Mon 15th – Summer Term 1 begins