May Pole Display

On Friday 8th July the children entertained the parents, governors and members of the community with a display of dances around the May Pole. This took place in the village hall. Members of the community kindly baked cakes and scones in order to provide refreshments for the audience, which we are very grateful for.


The 5 dances were all performed to energetic upbeat songs chosen by the staff and pupils, which included ‘Help’ by the Beatles and  ‘A thousand Hallelujahs’ by The Shires. For one of the dances the children had their ‘Silver Sports’ partners join them. You could say they looked a little worried when fetched from the audience to sit on a chair facing the May Pole but elder children expertly guided them in the correct direction to undertake the platting of the ribbons.

One of the children commented “I love it when we May Pole dance, it’s one of my favourite things we do in school.” A Silver Sport commented “I was holding the ribbon so tightly that my hands went numb, I didn’t want to drop the ribbon as the children were dancing and make them go wrong!”

We would like to thank the ‘Silver Sports’ for being such good sports.




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