MAST – Mr & Mrs Briddon

Friday 25th November saw Mr & Mrs Briddon visit the school for the final time before Christmas.

They delivered the Bible story ‘The Christmas Angels’ through their lovely puppet show. The children enjoyed the interactive show and were presented with a CD, Book and set of knitted Nativity characters (Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and Angel Gabrial.




Mon 3rd – INSET Day
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Tue 18th – National Park Ranger Day – Whittle Farm day trip
Wed 19th – MAST Hannah Wills am
Thurs 20th – Schools Together
Mon 24th – INSET Day
Tues 25th – Eyam Collective Worship Y2 & Y3
Tues 2nd – MAST Hannah Wills am
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Mon 15th – Lea Green Trip -Whole School
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