Keep Hartington Blooming!

Members of the community kindly invited the school to take part in their wild flower project to encourage  the bees and butterflies whilst making the village fragrant and colourful. The school is just one of a number of areas selected around the village to be seeded and nurtured.

The school has chosen to link this worthwhile project to the Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award which they are currently  participating in. The qualities identified by the award are: team work, perseverance, actions and kindness are an integral part of the work. Then when naming the individual plots within the school grounds the children have chosen to integrate the schools Christian Values in an inspirational way whilst the overall name of our wild flower garden has been named after a much loved member of the community and friend of our school ‘Bel Kerr’ who sadly passed away earlier this year.




Mon 3rd – INSET Day
Tues 4th – Tempest Group Photos
Tue 18th – National Park Ranger Day – Whittle Farm day trip
Wed 19th – MAST Hannah Wills am
Thurs 20th – Schools Together
Mon 24th – INSET Day
Tues 25th – Eyam Collective Worship Y2 & Y3
Tues 2nd – MAST Hannah Wills am
Weds 3rd – NSPCC “Speak out, Stay Safe”
Mon 15th – Lea Green Trip -Whole School
Tues 16th – Music Concert TBC