Eclipse from Daviot

Thursday 10th June

Some parts of the world have seen the annular eclipse or so-called ring of fire in full, but from the UK there has been a partial solar eclipse.

Thanks to Patrick Poitevin of ‘Scopes4sen’ our children were able to use safe solar filters and glasses to get a brief glimpse of the eclipse, in-between the clouds!

The children were filled with awe and wonder and genuine interest  in the phenomenon of the solar eclipse despite it only being a partial one. Children in class 2 spent the day studying and researching why and when they happen and were full of questions for their teacher.  During the research undertaken the children quoted many facts they had found out and one of them was heard to say ‘I bet it is really eerie when it is a full eclipse because it will go dark and quiet. I bet it will go cold as well because the sun  is behind the moon.’ Sadly not all the children found it  as easy to witness the eclipse as the clouds only parted for a brief time. They were not disheartened due to being informed by the older children that partial eclipses are quite common so they would get another chance! This was sooner than they anticipated.  When they returned into the school they were presented with partial eclipse biscuits for lunch thanks to Mrs Stubbs. 

10h07m  Partial Solar Eclipse begins,  Altitude 45°
11h14m Maximum Partial Solar Eclipse, Magnitude 36%, Altitude 53°
12h26m Partial Solar Eclipse ends, Altitude 59°
Duration of eclipse 2h18m


Should you want a telescope  for your school please contact:




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