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On Monday 21st June the year 3,4,5 and 6 pupils undertook level 1 bikeability on the school yard delivered by Nicola Dick. The children learned how to adjust their helmets to fit properly, check the bikes to ensure they were road worthy and finally to make sure that the clothes they were wearing were suitable for riding a bike.

They then went on to learn how to mount and dismount safely when on the road, stop and start safely, ride in a group, pass each other and control their bikes. The session was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and they all learned how to control their bikes and the importance of looking behind them before setting off and stopping to maintain safety when on the road culminating in all the children achieving the level 1 award.

Following lunch the year 5/6 children took to the road to learn how to ride safely among the busy traffic of Hartington (and boy was it busy! Tractors, lorries and many holiday makers were in abundance). However they remembered the morning’s teaching and put it into practice like true professionals.  They learned how to ride on the open road, do a U turn, take a left turn, right turn, from a major to a minor road and vice verse, hand signals and how to ‘Own the road’ so the drivers don’t try to overtake them at a junction.

I’m not sure who was more relieved when the session was over the children or Mrs Flower!

She reported  feeling quite nervous while supporting Nichola, during the session, due to the amount of traffic that was about. However the children all performed fantastically,  maintaining their composure and remembering everything the instructor had told them before undertaking each challenge.

One pupil stated that she felt an adrenaline rush whilst she was waiting  for a stream of traffic to pass her before completing her U turn.

Nicola announced at the end of the day that they had all achieved their level 2 bike ability and she hoped that  they continue to remember all they had been taught and continue ride their bikes safely on the road, looking over their shoulders.

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