First Aid

On Friday 19th October the children undertook a First Aid training delivered by Jill Crooks from Blithfield Safety Training ltd. The morning sessions involved the EYFS and year 1 children learning how to contact 999 and what information to give, ie: the address of where they are; recovery position, bandaging and slings. Jill also talked to the children about how to care for their teeth.

After lunch the key stage 2 children looked at all of the above in more detail and were extended to look at a video on bleeding and choking. They were active participants in learning how to use the defibrillator. Some of the children were already experts having experienced earlier training.

One pupil commented on how difficult it was to make the resuscitation doll click when performing CPR to show that they were pressing down hard enough. Another pupil said how tiring it was. and it made her arms ache a lot!

During both sessions the children were able to practice bandaging each other and learned how to apply a sling. This training is part of the schools ‘Mental Health and Well-being Curriculum’.