Jul 14

A trip to the Himalayas

In KS2 we have been learning all about mountains during this summer term. On Tuesday 11th July we spent an enjoyable and really informative morning when Mr Simon Watkinson, a professional photographer, came into school to talk to us about his travels through the Himalayas. It was fascinating to find out about the people of the region and learn about how they have adapted to live in such harsh mountainous conditions.

His stunning photographs gave us a real insight into the lives of the people there.  He told us about the Sherpas who grow up in the Khumbu region and we even saw a photograph of the house in which Tenzing Norgay grew up before his successful ascent of Everest. We were also treated to a taste of the purest form of salt in the world – Himalayan rock salt.

The region around Kathmandu is still recovering from the terrible earthquake in 2015 and the photos of displaced families still living in tents made us realise how lucky we are.


Ruby with her magnificent model of the Snowdonia Mountain range.