Resilient Rammie

Derby County Community Trust are delivering a six week course ‘Understanding what resilience is’.  Each week the pupils in class 2 undertake activities to help them understand what resilience means and how to develop skills to becoming a more resilient person. They will learn that resilience is a key skill that will accompany them throughout their lives.

During the first session Rammie explained that it was important to create a safe and positive environment for everyone to learn and share their experiences, therefore some rules were created and written onto a Rammie poster for everyone to see. These rules included: Don’t tell lies; Be positive; Be kind; Listen; To persevere; Don’t be silly; To respect others; To share.

Each week they will undertake a different activity linked to Resilience: Bouncing back!; Helpful and unhelpful thoughts; Identifying positive behaviour; Thinking and perseverance, Exploring skills and strengths; Step coping plans and being part of a team. As part of the work they will complete their own pocket book to show their understanding of the programme.






Tues 2nd – MAST Hannah Wills am
Weds 3rd – NSPCC “Speak out, Stay Safe”
Thurs 11th – Final Church Service
Thurs 11th – Community Lunch 12.15pm in School
Mon 15th – Lea Green Trip -Whole School
Thurs 18th – Leaver’s Assembly
Fri 19th – Cadbury’s World – Whole School
Mon 22nd – INSET
Tues 23rd – INSET