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Breakfast Club 7:45 – 8.45

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It is often reported in the news the importance of starting the day with a healthy meal to ensure optimum learning throughout the school day. Here at Hartington School our excellent Breakfast Club ensures that the children are given the opportunity to start their busy day with a range of healthy food choices. This helps ensure they have a full tummy ready for a full day’s learning! This popular daily club allows children to sit with friends as they eat and drink, followed by participating in games, activities or to just sit quietly and read. When ever possible, our breakfast club co-coordinator plans and prepares the menu and activities to link to the school curriculum providing the children the opportunity to display their work.

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George Wigham says: I love coming to Breakfast Club because it gives me chance to talk to my friends about football while we’re eating breakfast together.

Jacob Blackwell says: I like playing different games with my friends and making things for the display. It makes our club feel special!

Breakfast Club review:  By Jacob Blackwell 

Breakfast Club is helpful for busy parents, when your Dad is asleep or at work and your Mum needs to go to work before the normal time (8:45). They can drop their children off at 7:45am or 8am to have breakfast, the most important meal of the day because food gives you energy and if you have no energy you can’t think. Luckily for parents Breakfast Club actually starts at 7:45 and runs for one hour until the start of school! You will love the food greatly because it is delicious and there are various choices such as home made strawberry jam on toast, soft pancakes, sliced malt loaf, healthy fruit with yoghurt and finally toasted waffles. The aroma of hot chocolate fills the kitchen and makes you want to drink it.

Games develop skills such as leadership and teamwork. I like self-choosing my games because if you didn’t like one game you can pick a game you do like. One thing that we don’t have to pick from is Lego with instructions of how to build something. Playing games with friends helps to develop life skills such as communication, problem solving, negotiation and compromising which will all help you later on in your life.

Breakfast Club review written by Josh Wright: 

Breakfast Club is well established when you arrive, there are a selection of delicious foods to choose from. For example toasted pancakes, buttery waffles, jammy toast to tempt your taste buds and lots of other things. Breakfast Club is for children to come 7:45 until 8:45 and then it is lesson time.

It is only £2 per day but only £8 for a full week and that is a brilliant offer. Also you can have anything that you want and as much as you want!

After your delicious breakfast you can have a self-chosen game and that can be anything that you want. When you are playing you are learning leadership, communication and problem solving skills and how to work in a team.

Breakfast Club is an amazing club and all the children that come really like it and say they would recommend it to you.

Ellie thinks breakfast Club is ‘Awesome’toast

Breakfast club is useful for busy parents and loved by the children and has been running for a long time. In our amazing little school in Hartington we have a breakfast club. This is where children from Hartington can go to school early and have an ‘Eat all you want breakfast’ from only £2.00 per day or £8.00 for a full week and it lasts an hour then schools starts.

We have self-chosen games instead of structured games to develop our skills e.g. Communication, Compromise, Co-operate and the most important one Problem solving.

We have many choices of food for breakfast and delicious toppings. Here are some of the choices: waffles, toast, malt loaf, cereals, muffins, pancakes, frubes/ yogurt, fruit, golden syrup, chocolate spread and butter. I would like breakfast club to include bagels and crumpets also.

Ruby Debes thinks Breakfast Club is ‘fabulous’ 

In this brilliant tiny school we run a smashing breakfast club. You come early in the morning at seven forty five until eight forty five so it lasts an hour. Breakfast club helps parents to get to work in time so they will not be late. There is a wonderful selection of different foods to eat for an astonishing amount of £2.00 a day or £8.00 for a full week per child. We have self-chosen games to develop our skills for example leadership, teamwork, communication, compromise, co-operation and problem solving.

The enjoyable foods we can eat at breakfast club are cereals, muffins, malt loaf, toast, frubes, pancakes and waffles with toppings like fruit, yogurt, chocolate spread and golden syrup.

We are even allowed hot drinks of hot chocolate and tea. If you don’t like hot drinks you could have water or juices.

In this breakfast club I would like to include bacon sandwiches with sauces, bagels, croissant and crumpets.

Review written by Sam Wright  breakfast table

At our hard working Hartington C of E primary School we run a splendid Breakfast Club. It is held in the KS2 classroom and it starts at seven forty five in the morning and goes on until it finishes at eight forty five an hour later. It helps parents get off to work in time so they’re not late and they know that their children will get a proper breakfast!

Parents pay a certain amount of money each morning, which is £2:00 per day for their child’s breakfast. Parents and children think that this is a real bargain! There are delicious pancakes, spongy malt loaf, chubby muffins and fruit filled yoghurts, hydrating drinks, crispy teacakes and buttery crumpets. The food I would strongly recommend is the toasted pancakes with butter and sticky syrup.

After you have finished your breakfast you can choose a group or an individual game to play with if you want to. Some of the games help with leadership, communication, teamwork and problem solving. Some of the games we play are called Operation ouch, Whatever next, and Twister.

Come and join us 7:45 to 8:45,

Monday to Friday £2 per day, £8 for a week.


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