RE – Long term Plan KS 2 – 2020 – 2024

RE – Long term Plan EYFS & KS 1 – 2020 – 2024

RE Policy 2017

RE – Long term Plan 2017

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION is taught in accordance with the Derbyshire LA agreed syllabus and Hartington is a Church of England school. This means that the school has a strong Christian ethos with the vision statement being at its heart, which is also reflected in the teaching of religious education. Children learn about Christianity and Judaism in KS1 while Christianity, Sikhism and Islam is taught in KS2. RE encourages the children and staff to think about what they them selves and  others believe but ultimately respecting the views and opinions of everyone.

Our Christian values are:

Friendship, Compassion, Service, Generosity, Trust and Respect.

Collective Worship – Long term plan 2020 – in progress

Collective Worship Policy 2021

Collective Worship Policy 2017 

Collective Worship – Long term plan 2017


All children take part in a daily act of Collective Worship. As a church school we follow a Christian calendar of festivals but include festivals from other World Faiths e.g. Diwali – Hindu, Ramadan – Islam, Wesak – Buddhism.

Our act of Worship is an important part of the day and the content reflects the schools Christian Values whilst acknowledging the wider world. Time is spent listening, singing, praying and reflecting. All members of the teaching staff lead Collective Worship. Representatives from the local church are invited to take part or lead our Worships.  Parents/carers and members of the wider community are also invited to attend Worships every term. The children themselves  requested that they present samples of their work and take a greater leadership role as part of these Worships, which are hosted in St Giles Church.  To maintain the link between the school and church,  the Parish Vicar is invited to attend these Celebration Worships to take an active role . Our Foundation Governors, as the representatives from the Diocese,  are also invited.

Parents/Carers  wishing their child/children to be withdrawn from all religious education and Collective Worship should contact the Headteacher.

Within Collective Worship the children are given the opportunity to reflect not only on the subject matter within the Collective Worship but also on current events throughout the world. This provides a safe environment  for the children to consider and empathize with people and communities who are less fortunate than themselves, or who have suffered in unforeseeable events.
The children also have the opportunities to work in established groups to prepare the days Collective Worship. They open with the school prayer, light the candle, then say the closing prayer. The music monitors take responsibility for the choice of hymn and preparing the appropriate music disc.
The children are active participants during the Worship and have recently learned about the Easter story as part of their work towards the church display. The displays are changed throughout the year to coincide with the Christian calendar and are located in the children’s corner in the South Transept at St Giles Church, Hartington.
Once a term we welcome M.A.S.T. (Matlock Area Schools Trust), who present Bible Stories to the children using puppetry.  Our Benefice Vicar visit will take services either in school or in the church.

Michael Tinker formally from MAST has also become a frequent visitor to our school. He teaches the meaning of Jesus’s lessons through songs and modern re-telling of the Christian Bible stories.

Please read the report of our first Celebration Worship to see how it went.

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