Minutes of Meeting 6th July 2023 (FGB) – (awaiting approval)

Minutes of Meeting 8th June 2023 (FGB)

Minutes of Ofsted Meeting 23rd March 2023 (FGB) 

Minutes of Meeting 2nd March 2023 (FGB) 

The below minutes have been removed from the website, redacted and re-uploaded

Minutes of Meeting 8th December 2022 (FGB)

Minutes of Meeting 19th October 2022 (FGB)

Minutes of meeting 29th September 2022 (FGB – Quorum not met)

Minutes of meeting 22nd June 2022 (FGB) Cancelled due to clerk having Covid

Minutes of Virtual Meeting 4th May 2022 (FGB)

Minutes of Meeting 16th March 2022 (Curriculum & HR)

Minutes of Virtual Meeting 2nd February 2022 (FGB)

Minutes of Meeting 1st December 2021 (FGB)

Finance Meeting 10th November 2021 – Finance committee – (Confidential)

Minutes of Meeting 20th October 2021 (FGB)

Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 18th October 2021 (FGB) – (Confidential)



04/12/2023 – Swimming
12/12/2023 – Nativity
19/12/2023 – Pantomime
21/12/2023 – Community Lunch
22/12/2023 – Christmas Party Day