On Tuesday 18th April, Hannah Wills from MAST visited the school to deliver her Bible story  ‘The Story So Far’ – Abraham from the Old Testament. They then sang the song ‘Children of God’ – see link below.

On Friday 21st April Mr & Mrs Briddon visited school to deliver the puppet story ‘Stranger on the Shore’. As always the children fully engage with these wonderful presentations of stories from the New Testament.

The content of this particular story was a creative way to develop the children’s understanding of the Easter story and Pentecost. MAST is an integral part of the schools delivery of Collective Worship.


04/12/2023 – Swimming
12/12/2023 – Nativity
19/12/2023 – Pantomime
21/12/2023 – Community Lunch
22/12/2023 – Christmas Party Day