Wild Flower Gardens

Wednesday 23rd June –

On a beautiful summer’s day, in June, members of the school and community met together in the open air of the church yard to study the newly sown wild flower garden. This is only one of six areas that have been seeded to create  a wild flower trail across the village.

For many of the children it was the first time they had met some of the community members in the guise of ‘Silver Sport’. So it was particularly poignant when the children made a presentation of a friendship bracelet plus a kit for the ‘Silver Sports’ to reciprocate this act kindness. at their next meeting.

It was lovely to see an internet free zone where children were interacting with the older generation who were sharing their knowledge about wild flowers through books and their own expertise gained through their personal life experiences.

A card received by one of the children from their ‘Silver Sport’ quoted ‘I think we made a good team, don’t you’. Then she proceeded to share even more of her knowledge by writing  – ‘I am enclosing a little piece of cow parsley which in Latin is ‘Anthriscus Sylvestris’. It used to be called ‘Old Man’s Baccy’ as those who couldn’t afford tobacco used to put the dried up old flowers in their pipes!’

It is exchanges like these that help to make our school a special place to learn and why our children value and respect our community members.


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