Return to school Project

After returning to school in June, as a class we focussed on our school’s core Christian values. This gave the pupils the opportunity to explore the meaning of these values, to talk about and reflect how the values of friendship, compassion, trust, service, respect and generosity had been lived out during lock-down by the children, their families and the wider community. We discussed the positives to have come out of lock-down and of how we can move forward by drawing on our past experiences and the wisdom of the Bible.

The pupils chose six bible stories that they felt demonstrated our core values.  After writing their story boards, they designed and created scenery, made models and filmed their stories using i motion (stop start animation).  The stories chosen by the children were the Widow’s Mite, The Good Samaritan, Jesus Calms the Storm, The Lost Sheep, the Paralysed Man and The Feeding of the Five Thousand.

Please take a few moments to watch our films

The Paralysed Man

The Good Samaritan

Jesus Calms the Storm

The Lost sheep

The Feeding of the Five Thousand

Widow’s Mite



04/12/2023 – Swimming
12/12/2023 – Nativity
19/12/2023 – Pantomime
21/12/2023 – Community Lunch
22/12/2023 – Christmas Party Day