World Book Day

On Thursday 7th March the children came to school dressed as their favorite fictional character. These ranged from Super Heroes to Mary Poppins and Harry Potter to Thomas the Tank Engine. The children were eager to show off who they had dressed as and their reasons why.

As part of the day and celebrating Shrove Tuesday from earlier in the week everyone took part in pancake races in their house teams. The weather did here not dampen their spirits as they tossed and caught pancakes up and down the school hall. A huge thank you goes out to Mrs Stubbs and Mrs Smart for not only preparing the pancakes for tossing but also the celebratory after race party where pancakes were consumed with strawberries, ice cream and the traditional orange, lemon and sugar.

At the close of school children sold cakes and biscuits to parents which class 1 had helped to make as part of their numeracy lesson, to continue to raise funds for the Goat Appeal. A further £38 was made bringing our target of £150 ever closer.