Jul 21

Y6 End of year trip

On Thursday 13th July the three year 6 pupils, with Mrs Wildgoose and Mrs Flower set off for a day of fun to celebrate their SATS results and their transition to key stage three. The day started with an hour of bowling at Chesterfield Bowl, followed by lunch at McDonald’s then the cinema to see “Spiderman Homecoming”.
The bowling was quite competitive and both Josh and Jacob were determined to win. Jacob set of to a good start with a Strike on his first bowl. Mrs Wildgoose set of with beginners luck but soon fell by the wayside, as she admits she isn’t very good. We all benefited from having the bumper bars up!
Lunch at the new refurbished McDonalds went down a treat and the pupils got to play on the I-pads while the staff finished their meals. We walked across to the cinema and purchased our tickets for the back row. The children then got some ‘pick and mix’ sweets to eat during the film.
We arrived back at school at 4:30 pm having thoroughly enjoyed the day. Josh even had to admit that the film was great although he hadn’t wanted to watch it!
Mrs Wildgoose and Mrs Flower also enjoyed the film and the company of their year 6 pupils despite Mrs Flower having the occasional ‘Nod’.
We wish them every success in their new schools and future careers.