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Collective Worship

All children take part in a daily act of Collective Worship. As a church school we follow a Christian calendar of festivals but include festivals from other World Faiths e.g.
Diwali – Hindu
Ramadan – Islam
Wesak – Buddhism

Within collective worship the children are given the opportunity to reflect not only on the subject matter within the collective worship but also on current events throughout the world. This provides a safe environment  for the children to consider and empathize with people and communities who are less fortunate than themselves, or who have suffered in unforeseeable events.
The children also have the opportunities to work in established groups to prepare the days collective worship. They open with the school prayer, light the candle, then say the closing prayer. The music monitors take responsibility for the choice of hymn and preparing the appropriate music disc.

The children are active participants during the worship and have recently learned about the Easter story as part of their work towards the church display. The displays are changed throughout the year to coincide with the christian calendar and are located in the children’s corner at St Giles Church, Hartington
Once a term we welcome M.A.S.T. (Matlock Area Schools Trust), who present Bible Stories to the children using puppetry. Our Benefice Vicar visit will take services either in school or in the church.





Previously Sophie Etchells , who was Ministry Assistant of the White Peak Group, Diocese of Derby regularly worked with the children to incorporate collective worship into education, song, play and events. Unfortunately her post has been discontinued.